The idea for Octobers "Comic Makeover" inkDrinkDraw seemed like a simple one, but some file errors nearly got the better of us. Fortunatly we had several stories so it worked out fine in the end.

So here's how a Comic Makeover works:

Step One:
Find an old comic book (look online too) with a short story with 2 to 4 characters (two main characters and X number of side characters works great) that's about 3 or 4 pages long. The tackier the story the better, Romance Stories work great for this.
Step Two:
Next convert all the art EXCEPT the boarders, word balloons and text to blue line art (see example below).
Step Three:
Once you have your Blueline sheets, print a bunch of those out keeping the blue fairly light (lighter than this sample), Two or three artist can work on a single story or if there is time everyone can do a full story on their own.

Now comes the fun part ...
Step Four:

Don't tell anyone what the story is or what it's about!
Just tell them they need to design some characters (character's theme can be anything, cats, robots, monsters, whatever) as long as they are simple enough to do a four page story in the time you have.  If you have lots of artist, one person can design the characters, one can do the pencils and one can do the final inking so it's a fun colaboration.
Step Five:
Now that they have characters it's time to give them the story sheets and let them workout how thier characters are going to play out within the layouts of the blueline sheets (backgrounds can be altered to fit in with characters better if you want).

The Finished Project:

Below is and example of how Brian, Jeff and I came up with some characters for the story above and then shared pencil and inking duties, Enjoy!

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Some of you maybe fimilar with with the Vinyl Toy Culture, or even making Paper Toys. 
It's an idea Brian and I have kicked around for a while as we both enjoy a good toy and thought this would be a ton of fun.

So, September's inkDrinkDraw was at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco where a group of us got together with markers, tape, glue and paper and made some really fun Custom Paper Toy Monsters. 

Boy this was a fun project to do as a group!  I'd recommend this to any art group that wants something fun to do. 

Brian had put together several blank Template Toys for us to choose from and shortly after X-acto knives and markers were flying.  With a group of twenty or so artist going wild it wasn't long before we had a slew of assorted Paper monsters on display!

For more info and photos of this party, visit Brian's  Atomic Bear Press Here >
Or, you can still see the Paper Monsters at the Cartoon Art Museum Book Store, just ask Heather!

Hope to see everyone at our next inkDrinkDraw party!