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Some of you maybe fimilar with with the Vinyl Toy Culture, or even making Paper Toys. 
It's an idea Brian and I have kicked around for a while as we both enjoy a good toy and thought this would be a ton of fun.

So, September's inkDrinkDraw was at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco where a group of us got together with markers, tape, glue and paper and made some really fun Custom Paper Toy Monsters. 

Boy this was a fun project to do as a group!  I'd recommend this to any art group that wants something fun to do. 

Brian had put together several blank Template Toys for us to choose from and shortly after X-acto knives and markers were flying.  With a group of twenty or so artist going wild it wasn't long before we had a slew of assorted Paper monsters on display!

For more info and photos of this party, visit Brian's  Atomic Bear Press Here >
Or, you can still see the Paper Monsters at the Cartoon Art Museum Book Store, just ask Heather!

Hope to see everyone at our next inkDrinkDraw party!

11/4/2011 07:08:06 am

It was fun!


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