On July 14 2012 ComicCon weekend lots of artist and fans are
down in San Diego for the Comic-Con, but some of us couldn't go.  So we got
together to celebrate fandom, comics and art and created our own two
part event !! The CAM Comic and Art Fest & Bat-Mania (at the Cartoon Art
Museum San Francisco).

The Bat-Mania
was held
in the Cartoon Art Museum's Lobby and Admission was FREE.
We had several
artists doing Batman and Batman related character sketches for free, Yes, I said
FREE!  Donations to the Museum for these sketches is greatly appreciated but not
required.  Plus out friends at the local Promo company were giving away assorted
“The Dark Night Rises” Movie Posters, T-Shirts, Hats and other
promotional goodies!

Here is a cool video
Michael Capazzola shot of our event, YouTube or at Vimeo https://vimeo.com/45813060
Part two was the InkDrinkDraw / CAM COMIC and ART FEST - $7.00 Admission (less for Students, Kids & Seniors)

(More Photos Below)

For your $7 bucks you got:

Vincent Kukua - Matt Harding - Lloyd Hoshide - Michael Capozzola - Helen
Bayly - Robin Edgar - Ben Collision - Brian Kolm - George Webber - Edward
Edgerson - Larry Luna - Karl Dotter - Guiuem Ruiz - Joy Zu - Ben Jecker - Monico
Chavez - Alphonso Cornelius - Alyssa Lee - Gary Amaro - Maria Leung - Michael
Capozzola    (Artist at the event included (hope I spell the names right and don't forget

1. Admission to the Cartoon Art Museum Galleries to see tons of original comic and
cartoon art including “Avengers Assemble” featuring Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and
Captain America!

2. A Raffle Ticket for our Hourly Prize Raffle!

3. Watch loads of Live Drawing by local artists!

4. Sketch-A-Thon North Have an artist do a custom sketch for you (in exchange for a donation to the Museum).

5. Super Deals at the ‘Super-Compact Pop-Up Boutique’, Loads of Original Art, Prints, Comics and more!

6. Hourly Art related Demos! By Artist like: Brian Kolm (Snownan the Brave), Chloe Dalquist (Jamie the Trickster), Chuck Whelon (Pewfell), character designer and Illustrator Karen Krajenbrink, Michael Capozzola (“Surveillance Caricatures”), and George Webber (Pirate Fairies, Tiki Tales).

7. A 15% discount at the Cartoon Art Museum Bookstore to anyone in Costume and to Artist who bring in their Portfolio/Sketchbook!

Woo, That was a lot of stuff for $ 7.00 bucks!
Vincent Kukua & Brian Kolm are wild for Batzarro !
And this was when it was slow!
Danielle sqweeled like a little girl with delight getting her Catwoman
Another fan in costume !
Ivy aces Batman
Just a few of the artist on hand at the event
These guys got one of my Zatanna Prints as a Raffle Prize .. SCORE!
Looks like Batman and a killer Killer Croc getting worked on