InkDrinkDraw at Church St Cafe
I had to take the picture so I'm not in it, duh.
So last night's InkDrinkDraw at Church St Cafe (260 Church St - between 15th St & Market St) went really well.  A lot of our regular group where out of town, but a few people we hadn't seen in a while came and it was a nice mellow evening of conversation and drawing challenges.

The night's theme was "Working with Faces' and we came up with some interesting ways to challenge each other to draw faces in ways we might not draw them otherwise.

We each drew a sheet of some fairly random shapes and handed them off to the next person to start making a faces from one of the shapes, the sheets kept getting passed around till all the shapes had become faces.  We ended up with some pretty interesting characters!

Next we each selected a character that we didn't draw and then created 25 "Expressions" of the character based on some "Experssions" sheets we had.   It'll all sounds simple, but if you try it'll you'll learn a ton about characterization.

Here's a complete example of a shape drawn by one person made into a character by Jeff Plotkin and the Brian Kolm drew the character in his style in 25 expressions > VIEW HERE. 

I'll post a few more images from the evening as I get them and have time.