While we only had a small group for the very FIRST inkDrinkDraw gathering  everyone had a good time.   The meet was at HOOTERS SF near pier 39 so there was food drinks and the Hooters girls made for built-in models.
We started off with George (Webber) doing a live Demo on using Copic Markers and talked about the advantages of Copics over many other brands of Markers.

After that we did an assortment of Hooters related Open Projects, Brian work on quick Gesture sketchs of the fast moving Hooters girls, George was doing cartoon characters of the girls and Mike & Jeff did an assortment of cartoons and sketches.

All in all a pretty good night andthe Hooters girls made out like bandits.
Tracy & gWebber - Hooters SF
Brittany & gWebber - Hooters SF